As a specialist in our field, AMOG regularly presents technical papers on key projects we have worked on, or the outcomes of research we have undertaken, or are undertaking. AMOG Principals, associates and employees have authored or co-authored many published books and papers.  

We are in the process of constructing a comprehensive list of these documents. In the meantime, a small summary has been prepared below and, if you have any questions about specific publications, please contact us.



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Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) Brasil - 2015 (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil)

OTCB-26264: "Chain FEARS Joint Industry Project: Finite Element Analysis of Residual Strength of Degraded Chains"

OTCB-26257: "Improvements in the Practices for Mooring Integrity Management"

OTCB-26285: "Application of Reliability Analysis to Re-Qualification and Life Extension of FPU Mooring Systems"



Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) - 2015 (Houston, TX, USA)

OTC-26017: "Seawater Corrosion of Rope and CHain (SCORCH) Joint Industry Project. Findings from Investigations into Mooring Chain and Wire Rope Corrosion in Tropical Waters"



20th Offshore Symposium (Texas, USA): "Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) of Mooring Systems: Diagnostic Techniques to improve Mooring Integrity" (Winner: Best Paper)

Pacific 2015 - International Maritime Exposition (Sydney, Australia): "New technology and Advances in Mooring Integrity Management"

4th Structural Integrity Management Conference, North Sea (Aberdeen, UK): "Effective Mooring Integrity Management is more than just Inspection" 

Asia Pacific Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition (APOGCE) (Bali, Indonesia): "Advances in Mooring Integrity Management"

Society for Underwater Technology (SUT) Australia - Technical Session: "Protection of Melbourne Main Sewer Trunkline Yarra Crossing for Channel Deepening Project"  



Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) 2014 (Houston, TX, USA)

OTC-25234: "SCORCH JIP - Feedback on MIC and Pitting Corrosion From Field Recovered Mooring Chain Links"

OTC-25282: "SCORCH JIP - Feedback From Field Recovered Moorings Wire Ropes"

OTC-25273: "Industry Survey of Past Failures, Pre-emptive Replacements and Reported Degradations for Mooring System of Floating Production Units"

OTC-25418: "Operating Performance Forecasting and Evaluation of an FPSO with Degrading Mooring System Components"



RINA Fire At Sea Conference (London, UK): "Fire Risk Analysis of a Cutter Suction Dredger"


2014 Corrosion and Prevention Conference (Darwin, NT, Australia): "MIC and Pitting Corrosion on Field Recovered Mooring Chain Links"

2014 ProSafe Conference (Melbourne, Vic, Australia): "Bulk Material Handling Equipment - Isolation Projects"



7th Annual FLNG Conference (Seoul, South Korea) - Presentation: "Technical Challenges for Marine Availability of FLNG Offloading Operations in the Australian Context"

Engineers Australia Structural Branch - Victoria (Melbourne, Australia): "Risk Reduction in Engineering Projects" 

Corrosion and Prevention "MIC and Pitting Corrosion on Field Recovered Mooring Chain"



OMAE2013-10984: "Using Model Test Data to Assess VIV Factor of Safety for SCR and TTR in Gulf of Mexico"




ISOPE 2012: "Investigation of Severe Corrosion of Mooring Chain in West African Waters"

Australian Corrosion Association (ACA) Conference (Melbourne, Australia): "SCORCH JIP: Examination and Testing of Severely Corroded Mooring Chains from West Africa"





OMAE2011-49153: "Tangguh LNG Project Analysis of Full Scale Statistical Uplift Testing with Multiple Soil Layers"

OMAE2011-49152: "Development of a Full Sale Two Dimensional Pipeline Uplift Test Apparatus for Upheaval Buckling (UHB) Model Testing on the Tangguh LNG Project"

OMAE2011-49821: "Traveling Wave Response in Full-Scale Drilling Riser VIV Measurements"



2011: "Impact of Catenary Embedment on the Mooring Performance of a Deep Water Floating Production Unit"




Marine Renewable and Offshore Wind Energy Conference (London, UK): "Design and Deployment Issues for Marine Renewables into the Open Ocean"




OMAE2007-29522: "Feasibility Stage Assessment of Side-by-Side LNG offloading Operation"



ISOPE-2007-JSC515: "Heading Analysis of Weathervaning Floating Structures: Why, How and Where to make the best of them"



We have also presented the following papers:


Phenomena Observed in VIV Bare Riser Field Tests

Reliability Factors of Safety for VIV Fatigue Using NDP Riser High Mode VIV Tests

Comparative Study of Wave Load Effects for Two Wave Energy Converter Concepts

Partial Strake coverage Vortex-induced Vibration Benchmarking using shear7V4.5

Impact of Catenary Embedment on the mooring Performance of a Deep Water Floating Production Unit


Legal Papers:

Inhouse Counsel, July 2012: "Expert reports as evidence-in-chief - a curate's egg?"

Inhouse Counsel, July 2012: "Contracts for Design Services"

International In-house Counsel Journal, Vol 5, No 19, Spring 2012: "What Corporate Counsel Need to Know About Engaging Forensic Engineers"

International Construction Law Conference (Sydney, NSW, Australia. 2012): "Risk Reduction in Engineering Projects"

As experienced legal expert witnesses, AMOG's Principals can conduct CLE sessions for your firm. Please contact us for more information.


Other Technical Papers:

"Degradation of Wire Rope Mooring Lines in SE Asian Waters"

"The effectiveness of Helical Strakes in the Suppression of High-Mode-Nuber VIV"

"Investigation of Sway/Yaw Motions of Deepwater FPSOs"

"High Mode Number Vortex-Induced Vibration Field Experiments"

"Reliability Analysis of the Extreme Responses of Moored Structures"



If you would like further information on any of these, or other papers AMOG has presented, please contact us.