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AMOG has a proven track record of providing advanced engineering solutions in the Mining Sector. AMOG offers superior capability in the analysis, design and assessment of facilities, plant and other infrastructure for the mining sector, forming close relationships where we can deliver our specialist engineering skills to reduce technical risk and complexity, and the overall cost of ownership for our clients.

Staffed by a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, AMOG is recognised for providing leading edge solutions to the most complex and novel problems. Apart from offering Finite Element Analysis and design capabilities, AMOG is often engaged by high profile clients to assist in devising cost effective, value-added refurbishment, upgrades and life extension options and strategies. AMOG devises refurbishment strategies based on the following objectives:

  • Minimise Refurbishment Costs and Disruptions to Operations.
  • Reduce Future Maintenance and Operating Costs.
  • Reduce Spares Inventory and Improve Reliability of Parts Replacement Schedules.
  • Reduce Risk of Operational Failure and increase Design Life of the Structure.

AMOG is able to undertake advanced Structural Engineering analysis of assets and equipment ranging from bulk material handling machines, conveyors, tunnels, tanks, silos, pipelines and support structures for plant equipment. Using state of the art analytical packages, AMOG can design and assess complex structures and components requiring non-lineal solutions.

We provide outstanding value to our clients through the application of our deep skills and knowledge in scientific and engineering principles to produce the best possible solution within available cost and time constraints.